Welcome to mathsrevisionaid.co.uk, the site that provides you with ideas to support your child's Key Stage 2 Maths revision.

As the parent or carer of a primary age child, you'll know that supporting your kids' school activities is a great way to bond with them and spend some quality time together, as well as helping them to achieve the best results possible in their end of Key Stage Two assessments. But where should you start? With so many sites offering KS2 resources and worksheets for children revising their numeracy, it can be difficult to know what your children are supposed to be studying and how best to support them with the resources you have at your disposal at home.

Whilst parents certainly want to stay in touch with what is happening at school, they often find that the Maths curriculum itself as well as the level of expectation on pupils has changed so much since they were at primary school. Students are now assessed at the start of Key Stage Two (Year 3), as well as informally throughout their school years, until the end of Year 6 when they will undertake a more formal assessment in the form of the SATs (standard assessment tests) exams.

On these pages you'll find practical suggestions for ways to support children towards these exams as well as ideas for ways to make maths more engaging and fun - all the time driving home the importance of Maths as both a core school subject and skill for life. We provide ideas for ways to support your child's SATs revision, as well as links to appropriate maths papers and resources. We will also provide you with some of the key facts about revision as well as the core areas upon which your child should be basing their revision to ensure they get ahead in Key Stage 2 and beyond.